Everlasting Memories

Discover this unexplored area on foot or ask one of our staff about the complimentary bike rides we offer to our guests within the nearby villages.

Aura offers diverse experiences for its guest throughout the season including yoga, meditation, chanting, massage treatments, Lantern village walks, Jungle safari, mountain climbing, fishing, Bird watching and trekking. As part of our contribution to local community, our guest can plant a tree in our retreat or work with the local farmers, learn the art of pottery making or cooking local delicacies at the Grand ma's kitchen in the nearby village.

You may also want to create your own personalized program, tailored specifically by our in-house consultant to your individual needs; this could include visit to local temples and ayurvedic packages.


I sit therefore I am

Just Breathe

Yoga is the journey of the self, To the self, Through the self

Get lost in the wilderness

And find yourself

Immerse yourself in the Serenity