About Aura

Aura is a family owned retreat with a peaceful healing environment for the body, mind and Soul.

Our guest rooms & cottages offer an inspiring environment, the spacious windows let the sunlight in and provide breathtaking views of the majestic mountains.

We provide our guests with the opportunity to enjoy a tranquil respite from their busy worldly lives.

This may occur whilst relaxing beside the pool, having a spa treatment, experiencing one of the numerous activities or touring around the Tiger reserve.

Aura is all about discovering your spiritual essence, and we believe every guest in our retreat is treated as an individual and we seek to offer a complete spiritual wellbeing.


Aura was the vision of a deeply spiritual and persevering woman, long before the contours of these buildings emerged from the sublimely wooded landscape. It was the dream of an inspiring mother named Saraswati, that has been faithfully realized by her daughters Rajani and Deepa.

At Aura, we invite you to share the deep spirituality, timeless values and commitment to the local community that their mother imbued in them in the cool shade of these Himalayan foothills.

Immerse yourselves in the luxurious tranquility and peaceful surroundings of Aura.

We hope it will help you and your family, deepen your spiritual awareness during your stay with us and grow an appreciation of the environment surrounding the retreat as well as of the local community which sustains it.

We look forward to welcoming you to experience Aura.

You will feel it before you live it.


Our Retreat is located in Sawaldhey, close to the wilderness of Jim Corbett national park in the small bustling town of Ramnagar, Uttarakhand the land of Himalayas.

Social Responsibility

Here in Aura, we truly understand our social responsibility towards local community and believe in working closely with them through various programs. We donate a percentage of our earnings for the upkeep of local farming village. Our guest can be a part of these initiatives by supporting local artisans, being a volunteer at the local school or helping at the Orphanage or the farms.

Aura welcomes all guests and respectfully encourages them to take responsibility for the energy that each person brings into this space.

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